Long time

Hello everyone,

It’s been such a long time since I last wrote something. What a year!

So basically I found a male partner, with whom I was tragically in love. Alas, he broke my heart into tiny pieces and I will say I have not been in the best moods. It will be almost a month since he broke up with me, but I will admit – it still hurts like a bitch. The strangest thing is that this guy whom I was with since December last year broke up with me via e-mail and theeeeeeen he blocked me! Imagine. The way he handled things knocked the wind out of me, I thought he was a decent human being, but that everything happens for a reason. Sigh.

I started with a new job in earlier this year, things were great in the beginning but its as though to coincide with my love life, things have declined and I am looking to get out. I am miserable simply because there is no respect for staff members – none at all. I choose not to complain about it, but I have been looking around and I am certain something will pop up.

I also bought a little car earlier on in the year and she has been so good to me.

Lol, I am in a mirky place emotionally at the moment. I just want to talk to the loser of a punk ass I dated and just clear the air and end things on a decent note – so I am driving myself crazy in essence. Sigh. Am I allowed to finally say men are trash? lol hahahaha

I will find my balance. I just got taken by surprise by work and him, because I did not see the way things unfolded and are unfolding coming at all. Now I find myself caught up in a quarter life crisis.

I haven’t dabbled in sugaring for obvious reasons in over a year, though I have received gifts and money from old associates – which I of course had to accept to avoid being rude! 🙂 I still have about 4 of them I talk to now and then, dinner here and there when they are in town. Weird friendships, but they are still generous without expecting nor receiving anything in return besides a good catch up session.

I trust everyone is doing well.

P.S. I have also noticed that whole sugar bowl has changed from what it used to be 7 or so years ago when I was first came across it. Its not appealing at all. It has gained so much popularity in my country and I note that now we live in the era of the Instagram Thot. Lol the evolution has been somewhat interesting.

Yours in this life thing,




Have a lovely week, be productive and live a little!



It’s back to the student life for me as the holidays are over. Final final stretch and I’m partially excited as graduation is in my horizon!

I hope to do an update sometime in August but not now. My sugar life is great and I’m thankful, I’m not saving as much at the moment but that’s ok too as I’m getting some key things done.

I hope everyone keeps well, be happy and care free because life is short.


Never Sleep With Someone You Wouldn’t Want To Be…

Good for thought

foreverdreamingoflove 💋


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Interesting graphic on intimate energy

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Posts will be made private as usual

I will probably make everything private in the next few days, I cannot afford to be identified by anyone be it in a vanilla setting or even worse, my sugar daddies as I have big plans for them. I am not posting any photos as that is a risk I am just not keen on taking as I also post about most of my adventures on my normal social media sites.

I have also noticed that a lot more people I know use WordPress, lol that has me feeling some type of way honestly as everyone is sharing their WordPress blogs on social media for friends to check out.

Have a lovely day 🙂




I’ve been having a hard time relating to my non sugar friends. 

New pot?

Met him when Mr Spontaneous was here about a few weeks back. 

I was out shopping while waiting for Mr Spontaneous to join me and when I met him I was trying on sandals since spring is around the corner. In any case I was genuinely minding my own business, listening to my music till he tapped me on the shoulder. Very tall guy, handsome face and I’d say he’s in his thirties. He was trying to buy some cute shoes for his sister, asked for my help and I tried to help him. He went off with a shop assistant and I got back to trying on shoes. 

I have an obsession with nail art and just keeping my finger nails and toe nails in good condition. This day it seemed to help because he returned and first said I have tiny feet, yeah im a size 3, then he said I have beautiful feet and the red nail polish looked good on me etc. Small talk, small talk till he asked for my number. I thought he was going to offer to pay for my shoes lol, sugaring has forever changed me.

In any case, I had a good feeling about him. Turns out I might be on to something. He runs his own businesses in the car industry. He isn’t from my country but is from my continent. Found out all this just now  when be contacted me. He is officially a person of interest lol. He says he is coming this side in about a month. 

Keep you posted



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Another important notice

I have become increasingly paranoid that my SDS might somehow stumble upon my blog. I can’t risk that as I still have big plans which they form a big part of. Things are going really well, beyond my wildest expectations and I guess that now I realise I have something to lose and I can’t blog as freely. I’ve privatised everything on Mr App, Mr Confused and Mr Spontaneous.

Going forward I will still make updates but only leave them up for a day or less before hiding them. I’m most comfortable with this approach and I apologise to those who stumble upon my blog only to find it empty 😦

Happy sugaring.